Host Applications with Rayan Infotech. Our team members will transform your dream projects into an awesome business application. We care about your Business Model.

We also work on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Applications. For discussion on your project kindly contact us. Let us design your AI based Application.

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Send us your project requirements or ideas. Our team members will transform your creative ideas into a real life business application. Let us design your innovative ideas.

We host applications at & Other Cloud Servers

Our services include -

  • Website Design, Domain Registration, Hosting, SSL Certificate and Maintenance
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Applications
  • Mobile Applications Development and Launching at Google Play Store and at other stores
  • Software Applications
  • Database Design (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB etc.)
  • Promotion of Mobile and Software Applications
  • Industrial Training in IT Sectors
  • Digital Marketing, SEO, Youtube Channel Promotion, FB Page Promotion, EMail Marketing & Data Entry

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Faster, Powerful, Reliable and Secure Cloud Hosting at

We host your websites, mobile applications and software applications at Amazon Web Services (AWS). We never compromise with performance and computing speed required for your applications.

Transform Client's Dream into Reality

With advanced technology Rayan Infotech team members transforms your business model into awesome application that feel great on every desktop, tablet and mobile devices at the cheapest rate with maximum security, backups, speed, performance and quality. Our team members care about your Business.

Host Applications

Let us take headaches for your website and mobile applications design, hosting and maintenance. You just take care of your Business Strategies. We host websites and applications at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We host your Web Applications at AWS (Amazon Web Services). Kindly pay as per your usage. We have no hidden charge. We charge as per your usage.

Rayan Infotech uses Advanced Technologies to develop your applications. We never compromise with security and computation speed.

Amazon Web Services






Android Studio

Please feel free to call us at +91-9401382783 / 8638526521 for fruitful discussion

We care about your Hosting Application's Computing Speed, Security and Cost. Kindly pay just for your usage.

Select a package to order

Domain Name and Cloud/Shared Hosting Cost will be charged as Extra Cost in addition to Package Cost

Cloud Hosting at AWS and Other Cloud Servers: Pay as Per Usage (Monthly Bill)
Shared Hosting: Yearly Bill

For Enterprise Applications, pay now just 10,000/- to 20,000/- in advance for one team member and the rest amount will be billed after agreement.

After order, kindly communicate with us for documentation for the implementation of your project.

Kindly email us at

Please feel free to call us for any query at mobile no.  +91-9401382783

Rayan Infotech maintains A-Z of your website hosting at AWS (Amazon Web Services) –

  1. Domain Registration/Points to Existing Domain
  2. EC2 Instance Creation
  3. Configure Route 53 for your website
  4. Set Load Balancer
  5. Security Implementation
  6. SSL Certificate
  7. Configure Email Accounts
  8. Website and Database Design
  9. Integration with Database
  10. Configure Payment Gateway (If required)
  11. Optimization of Website Pages
  12. Testing
  13. 24×7 Support
  14. Android and iOS Mobile  Apps Development
  15. Launching Your Apps to Google Play Store and Apple Store

Career and Recruitment

The vacancy for different posts is created depending upon the requirement of personnels for diffenent positions suitable for the organization. The advertisement is generally made yearwise or depending upon the requirement.

Mail Us

You could drop your resume with a cover letter at

You will be given preference if vacancy is created in time. We wish you a bright future. Thank you for visiting us.

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Career and Recruitment Section

Rayan Infotech

Guwahati, Assam

Project Internship

We assign Real Live Projects with Mentors to a student for his/her Academic final year project for a duration of 6 – months. The students will be given tasks time to time from the assigned Mentors and weekly report must be submitted to the Mentors. The weekly report is strictly maintained as per Project Guidance Rules.

Apply for Project Internship

For Project Internship, kindly mail us your project requirement in detail with a forwarding letter from HoD, Deptt. of Comp. Sc./IT/Comp. Engineering/eCommerce where you are pursuing your academic programme. 

Email id:

Documents to be attached with email:

  1. Forwarding letter from HoD, Deptt. of Comp. Sc./IT/Comp. Engineering/eCommerce
  2. Project requirement/Synopsis in detail
  3. Your Resume